PhytoHub is the first online database to inventory all phytochemicals present in foods commonly ingested with human diets. It compiles data scattered in more than 20 databases as well as data manually extracted by experts from the literature, or experimentally obtained in collaborative platforms.

It has been designed for use in nutritional metabolomics and in the field of the health effects of plant foods and their phytochemicals. Users can browse PhytoHub or make simple queries by food source, phytochemical name, molecular formula, monoisotopic mass, or MS/MS fragments, as well as more advanced queries. PhytoHub can for example list all the phytochemical precursors & metabolites matching with a monoisotopic mass found in a metabolomic profile, or list all the phytochemical metabolites expected in biological fluids after consumption of a given food.

Initial Contributors

Data Curation

A major strength of PhytoHub is its curation by scientists with expertise on the different families of phytochemicals. A web interface has been developed in 2017 to facilitate data curation. Experts can easily and very rapidly add a new information that immediately appears online.

New contributors with expertise on food phytochemicals are welcome. Please contact us if you are interested to join the project, or to give any feedback on PhytoHub to help us to improve it. Recent relevant publications can also be sent for integration by our team of curators.

Rikard LandbergSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
Wieslaw WiczkowskiInstitute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland
Gesine SchmidtNofima, Department of Food and Health, Aas, Norway
Catherine Caris-VeyratINRA Avignon, UMR408, France
Rachel KopecThe Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
Paco Tomas-Barberan, Rocio Garcia-Villalba, Juan Carlos EspinCEBAS-CSIC, Murcia, Spain
Peter HollmanRIKILT Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Claudia Nunes dos SantosiBET, Oeiras, Portugal
Andreia Bento da Silva, Maria Rosario BronzeInstitute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB), Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal
Cécile Gladine, Marie-Anne Verny, Natalia Vazquez-Manjarrez, Christine Morand, Pierre Micheau, Séverine Valero, Jarlei Fiamoncini, Dorrain Low, Claudine ManachHuman Nutrition Unit, INRA Clermont-Ferrand, UMR1019, France
Laura Nyström, Linda MüngerInstitute of Food, Nutrition and Health, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Begoña Bartolomé SualdeaInstituto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Alimentación (CIAL), CSIC-UAM, Madrid, Spain
Mireia Urpi-Sarda, Rafael LlorachUniversity of Barcelona, Spain
Yoann FillâtreEuropean Research Institute on Natural Ingredients, Grasse, France
Tuba EsatbeyogluMax Rübner Institute, Karlsrühe, Germany
Eirine DeligiannidouUniversity of Thrace, Greece
Mariem AchourINRAE Clermont-Ferrand, France


The development of PhytoHub 1.0 was supported by INRA and by the French National Agency of Research (ANR) (Project ALIA2010-007- PhenoMeNEP “Phenotyping using Metabolomics for Nutritional Epidemiology”, 2010-1013).

It is further developed in the framework of the FoodBAll project funded by the JPI Healthy Diet for Healthy Life (2014-2018). The COST Action POSITIVe is also supporting PhytoHub through generating or compiling knowledge on plant food bioactives (2014-2018).