NameSynonymsFood idGroupFood phytochemicalsIntake biomarkers
Absinthe1Beverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
Alfalfa2Herbs and Spices7Show Food
Algae3Aquatic foods5Show Food
AlmondAmande4Nuts17Show Food
American cranberry5Fruit, Berries29Show Food
Angelica6Herbs and Spices3Show Food
Applepomme7Fruit, Pomes61Show Food
Apricot8Fruit, Drupes31Show Food
Asparagus9Vegetables, Other vegetables10Show Food
Avocado10Vegetables, Fruit vegetables13Show Food
Azuki bean11Pulses and beans1Show Food
Banana12Fruit, Tropical fruits26Dopamine 3-O-sulfateShow Food
Barley13Cereals and cereal products11Show Food
Beer14Beverages, Alcoholic39Show Food
Bilberry15Fruit, Berries6Show Food
Blackcurrant16Fruit, Berries13Show Food
Brazil nut17Nuts6Show Food
Broad bean18Pulses and beans7Show Food
Broccoli19Vegetables, Cabbages58Show Food
Brussel sprouts20Vegetables, Cabbages23Show Food
Caraway21Herbs and Spices5Show Food
Cardamom22Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Carrot23Vegetables, Root vegetables29Show Food
Cashew nut24Nuts7Show Food
Cassava25Vegetables, Tubers2Show Food
Cassia cinnamon26Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Cauliflower27Vegetables, Cabbages22Show Food
Celeriac28Vegetables, Root vegetables15Show Food
Celery stalks29Vegetables, Other vegetables9Show Food
Chamomile tea30Teas and herbal teas4Show Food
Cheese31Milk and milk products20Show Food
Cherry tomato32Vegetables, Fruit vegetables12Show Food
Chickpea33Pulses and beans10Show Food
Chicory34Vegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
Chocolate35Cocoa and cocoa products12Show Food
Cinnamon36Herbs and Spices8Show Food
Cloves37Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Coconut38Fruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
Coffee39Coffee and coffee products62Show Food
Common bean40Pulses and beans11Show Food
Common beetroot41Vegetables, Root vegetables7Show Food
Common cabbage42Vegetables, Cabbages21Show Food
Common hazelnut43Nuts8Show Food
Common mushroom44Mushrooms3Show Food
Common oregano45Herbs and Spices22Show Food
Common pea46Pulses and beans12Show Food
Common persimmon47Fruit, Tropical fruits2Show Food
Common sage48Herbs and Spices16Show Food
Common thyme49Herbs and Spices13Show Food
Common walnut50Nuts14Show Food
Common wheat51Cereals and cereal products13Show Food
Coriander52Herbs and Spices4Show Food
Corn53Cereals and cereal products14Show Food
Corn salad54Vegetables, Leaf vegetables2Show Food
Crustaceans55Aquatic foods1Show Food
Cucumber56Vegetables, Gourds7Show Food
Cumin57Herbs and Spices4Show Food
Damaged potato58Vegetables, Tubers3Show Food
Dill59Herbs and Spices13Show Food
Egg yolk60Animal foods1Show Food
Eggplant61Vegetables, Fruit vegetables11Show Food
Elderberry62Fruit, Berries4Show Food
Endive63Vegetables, Leaf vegetables5Show Food
European plum64Fruit, Drupes18Show Food
Fennel65Herbs and Spices7Show Food
Fenugreek66Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Fig67Fruit, Other fruits2Show Food
Flaxseed68Oilseed crops19Show Food
Garden cress69Vegetables, Leaf vegetables5Show Food
Onion70Vegetables, Onion-family33Show Food
Tomato71Vegetables, Fruit vegetables46Show Food
Gentian72Beverages, Alcoholic2Show Food
Ginger73Herbs and Spices9Show Food
Ginseng74Herbs and Spices10Show Food
Grape75Fruit, Berries66Show Food
Grape wine76Beverages, Alcoholic45Show Food
Grapefruit77Fruit, Citrus19Show Food
Green bean78Vegetables, Other vegetables3Show Food
Groundcherry79Vegetables, Fruit vegetables1Show Food
Guava80Fruit, Tropical fruits4Show Food
Jerusalem artichoke81Vegetables, Tubers2Show Food
Jujube82Fruit, Other fruits11Show Food
Kale83Vegetables, Cabbages20Show Food
Ketchup84Condiments and seasonings3Show Food
Kiwi85Fruit, Tropical fruits11Show Food
Leek86Vegetables, Onion-family8Show Food
Lemon87Fruit, Citrus10Show Food
Lentils88Pulses and beans8Show Food
Lettuce89Vegetables, Leaf vegetables34Show Food
Lichee90Fruit, Tropical fruits4Show Food
Lime91Fruit, Citrus7Show Food
Liquorice92Confectioneries and desserts6Show Food
Macadamia nut93Nuts4Show Food
Mandarin orange (Clementine, Tangerine)94Fruit, Citrus27Show Food
Mango95Fruit, Tropical fruits15Show Food
MintMentha96Herbs and Spices5Show Food
Mustard97Condiments and seasonings11Show Food
Nectarine98Fruit, Drupes2Show Food
Nutmeg99Herbs and Spices7Show Food
Oat100Cereals and cereal products11Show Food
Olive, green101Fruit, Drupes32Show Food
Olive oil102Fats and oils26Show Food
Orange juice103Beverages, Non-alcoholic25Show Food
Papaya104Fruit, Tropical fruits10Show Food
Paprika105Herbs and Spices7Show Food
Parsley106Herbs and Spices14Show Food
Parsnip107Vegetables, Root vegetables10Show Food
Passion fruit108Fruit, Tropical fruits2Show Food
Peach109Fruit, Drupes20Show Food
Peanut110Nuts13Show Food
Peanut butter111Fats and oils2Show Food
Pear112Fruit, Pomes10Show Food
Pecan nut113Nuts8Show Food
Pepper114Herbs and Spices14Show Food
Bell pepper (Capsicum annuum, mild varieties)115Vegetables, Fruit vegetables19Show Food
PeppermintMentha X piperita116Herbs and Spices16Show Food
Pine nut117Nuts6Show Food
Pineapple118Fruit, Tropical fruits16Show Food
Pink salmon119Aquatic foods1Show Food
Pistachio120Nuts13Show Food
Poppy121Oilseed crops6Show Food
Potato122Vegetables, Tubers16Show Food
Prickly pear123Fruit, Tropical fruits11Show Food
Pummelo124Fruit, Citrus1Show Food
Pumpkin125Vegetables, Gourds5Show Food
Rapeseed126Oilseed crops7Show Food
Rapeseed oil127Fats and oils3Show Food
Hot chili (Capsicum annuum, C. frutescens)128Vegetables, Fruit vegetables7Show Food
Redcurrant129Fruit, Berries7Show Food
Rice130Cereals and cereal products3Show Food
Robusta coffee131Coffee and coffee products6Show Food
Rocket salad132Vegetables, Leaf vegetables6Show Food
Rooibos teaRed tea, Redbush tea133Beverages, Non-alcoholic9Show Food
Rosemary134Herbs and Spices21Show Food
Rye135Cereals and cereal products15Show Food
Saffron136Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Sesame137Oilseed crops7Show Food
Sour orange138Fruit, Citrus4Show Food
Soy bean139Soy and soy products18Show Food
Spinach140Vegetables, Leaf vegetables30Show Food
Star fruit141Fruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
Strawberry142Fruit, Berries52Show Food
Sunflower143Oilseed crops9Show Food
Swede (Rutabaga)144Vegetables, Root vegetables13Show Food
Sweet basilBasil145Herbs and Spices11Show Food
Sweet bay146Herbs and Spices5Show Food
Sweet cherry147Fruit, Drupes17Show Food
Sweet marjoram148Herbs and Spices6Show Food
Sweet orange149Fruit, Citrus29Proline betaineShow Food
Sweet potato150Vegetables, Tubers3Show Food
Tea151Teas and herbal teas8Show Food
Vaccinium (Blueberry, Cranberry, Huckleberry)152Fruit, Berries5Show Food
Vermouth153Beverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
Watermelon154Vegetables, Gourds6Show Food
Wheat germ155Cereals and cereal products2Show Food
Blackberry157Fruit, Berries27Show Food
Persimmon159Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Garlic162Vegetables, Onion-family25Show Food
Wheat bread163Cereals and cereal products2Show Food
Blueberry165Fruit, Berries22Show Food
Grapes167Fruit, Berries7Show Food
Cider168Beverages, Alcoholic7Show Food
AcerolaBarbados cherry169Fruit, Tropical fruits4Show Food
Adzuki beanAduki bean, Azuki bean, Red bean, Red mung bean170Pulses and beans1Show Food
Anise171Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Apple cider172Beverages, Alcoholic11Show Food
Arabica coffee173Coffee and coffee products13Show Food
Asian pearChinese pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, Oriental pear, Sand pear, Taiwan pear174Fruit, Pomes0Show Food
Biscuit175Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Black chokeberry176Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Black elderberry177Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Black mulberry178Fruit, Berries1Show Food
Black radish179Vegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Black salsify180Vegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Breadfruit181Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Breakfast cereals182Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Bulgur183Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Butternut squash184Vegetables, Gourds0Show Food
Capers185Herbs and Spices13Show Food
Chanterelle186Mushrooms0Show Food
Chayote187Vegetables, Gourds0Show Food
Chervil188Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Chestnut189Nuts1Show Food
Chewing gum190Confectioneries and desserts0Show Food
Chia191Pulses and beans0Show Food
Chicory leaves192Vegetables, Leaf vegetables0Show Food
Chicory roots193Vegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Chinese broccoli194Vegetables, Cabbages0Show Food
Chinese cabbage195Vegetables, Cabbages3Show Food
Chives196Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Climbing bean197Pulses and beans0Show Food
Cloudberry198Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Cocoa bean199Cocoa and cocoa products15Show Food
Cocoa powder200Cocoa and cocoa products2Show Food
Common buckwheat202Cereals and cereal products1Show Food
Common chokecherry203Fruit, Drupes1Show Food
Common grape204Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Common salsify205Vegetables, Root vegetables3Show Food
Common verbena206Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Cowpea207Pulses and beans0Show Food
Curry powder208Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Dandelion209Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Date210Fruit, Other fruits4Show Food
Durian211Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
European chestnut212Nuts1Show Food
European cranberry213Fruit, Berries9Show Food
Flour214Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
French plantain215Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Fruit juice216Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Garden rhubarb217Vegetables, Other vegetables7Show Food
German camomile218Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Globe artichoke219Vegetables, Other vegetables20Show Food
Gooseberry220Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Hard wheat221Cereals and cereal products1Show Food
Hazelnut222Nuts1Show Food
Hibiscus tea223Teas and herbal teas0Show Food
Honey224Confectioneries and desserts0Show Food
Horseradish225Herbs and Spices11Show Food
Hot chocolate226Cocoa and cocoa products0Show Food
Jackfruit227Fruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
Kohlrabi228Vegetables, Root vegetables4Show Food
Kumquat229Fruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
Lemon balm230Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Lemon grass231Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Lemon thyme232Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Linden233Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Lingonberry234Fruit, Berries4Show Food
Longan235Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Loquat236Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Medlar237Fruit, Pomes0Show Food
Millet238Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Miso239Soy and soy products0Show Food
Morchella (Morel)240Mushrooms0Show Food
Mulberry241Fruit, Berries2Show Food
Multigrain bread242Cereals and cereal products3Show Food
Mung bean243Pulses and beans3Show Food
Melon244Vegetables, Gourds2Show Food
Natto245Soy and soy products1Show Food
Nopal246Vegetables, Other vegetables0Show Food
Oat bread247Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Other cocoa product248Cocoa and cocoa products0Show Food
Pasta249Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Pomegranate250Fruit, Tropical fruits5Show Food
Purple mangosteen251Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Quince252Fruit, Pomes0Show Food
Quinoa253Pulses and beans8Show Food
Radish254Vegetables, Root vegetables14Show Food
Rambutan255Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Red raspberry256Fruit, Berries13Show Food
Red rice257Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Roman camomileChamaemelum nobile, Garden camomile258Herbs and Spices13Show Food
Rose hip259Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Rowanberry260Fruit, Berries0Show Food
Rye bread261Cereals and cereal products4Show Food
Savoy cabbage262Vegetables, Cabbages4Show Food
Shallot263Vegetables, Onion-family0Show Food
Soft drink264Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Sorghum265Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Sorrel266Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Tart cherry267Fruit, Drupes5Show Food
Soy milk268Soy and soy products2Show Food
Soy sauce269Soy and soy products0Show Food
Soy yogurt270Soy and soy products0Show Food
Star anise271Herbs and Spices9Show Food
Summer savory272Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Swiss chard273Vegetables, Leaf vegetables26Show Food
Tamarind274Fruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Taro275Vegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Tarragon276Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Tofu277Soy and soy products0Show Food
Triticale278Cereals and cereal products0Show Food
Turmeric279Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Turnip280Vegetables, Root vegetables13Show Food
Vanilla281Herbs and Spices3Show Food
Vegetable juice282Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Vinegar283Condiments and seasonings1Show Food
Wasabi285Herbs and Spices5Show Food
WatercressYellowcress286Vegetables, Leaf vegetables7Show Food
Whisky287Beverages, Alcoholic8Show Food
Winter savory288Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Yam289Vegetables, Tubers1Show Food
Red beetroot290Vegetables, Root vegetables1Show Food
Whole wheat bread291Cereals and cereal products4Show Food
Earl grey tea292Beverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
Red wine293Beverages, Alcoholic31Show Food
White wine294Beverages, Alcoholic21Show Food
Rosé wine295Beverages, Alcoholic9Show Food
Pomace296Fruit, Other fruits3Show Food
Black tea297Teas and herbal teas39Show Food
Green tea298Teas and herbal teas26Show Food
Red tea299Teas and herbal teas3Show Food
Ceylon tea300Teas and herbal teas3Show Food
Tilia tea301Teas and herbal teas3Show Food
Camomile tea302Teas and herbal teas3Show Food
Apple juice303Beverages, Non-alcoholic25Show Food
Peach juice304Beverages, Non-alcoholic3Show Food
Dessert wine305Beverages, Alcoholic3Show Food
Red wine grape306Beverages, Alcoholic4Show Food
White wine grape307Fruit, Berries4Show Food
Deerberry308Fruit, Berries3Show Food
Grape juice309Beverages, Non-alcoholic3Show Food
Red champagne310Beverages, Alcoholic3Show Food
White champagne311Beverages, Alcoholic2Show Food
White mulberry312Fruit, Berries1Show Food
White grape juice313Beverages, Non-alcoholic4Show Food
Red grape juice314Beverages, Non-alcoholic4Show Food
Itadori tea315Teas and herbal teas2Show Food
Cocoa liquor316Cocoa and cocoa products2Show Food
Lentil coat317Pulses and beans2Show Food
Cranberry318Fruit, Berries8Show Food
Cranberry juice319Beverages, Non-alcoholic6Show Food
SparkleberryFarkleberry320Fruit, Berries1Show Food
Partridge berryLingonberry321Fruit, Berries1Show Food
Riesling wine322Beverages, Alcoholic7Show Food
Microalgae323Aquatic foods0Show Food
Macroalgae324Aquatic foods2Show Food
linseed oil325Fats and oils2Show Food
soybean oil326Fats and oils3Show Food
Radish, Japanese327Vegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
pak-choi328Vegetables, Cabbages10Show Food
Canola oil329Fats and oils1Show Food
linseed330Cereals and cereal products4Show Food
Apricot kernel331Fruit, Drupes2Show Food
White lupin beans332Pulses and beans6Show Food
Ulluco333Vegetables, Root vegetables1Show Food
Rapeseed meal334Oilseed crops0Show Food
Bitter Gourd335Vegetables, Gourds1Show Food
Guarana336Beverages, Non-alcoholic3Show Food
MateParaguay tea, South American Holly, Yerba mate337Teas and herbal teas11Show Food
red African wine338Beverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
white African wine339Beverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
rosé African wine340Beverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
rhubarb root341Vegetables, Root vegetables7Show Food
Tea leaf342Teas and herbal teas1Show Food
Olive, black343Fruit, Drupes34Show Food
Grapefruit juice344Beverages, Non-alcoholic6Show Food
Cocoa345Cocoa and cocoa products19Show Food
Roasted coffee346Coffee and coffee products11Show Food
Pomegranate juice347Beverages, Non-alcoholic10Show Food
Cabbage, red349Vegetables, Cabbages12Show Food
Cabbage, White350Vegetables, Cabbages10Show Food
Mikan351Fruit, Citrus1Show Food
Grape green352Fruit, Berries1Show Food
Okra353Condiments and seasonings1Show Food
Bitter melon354Vegetables, Other vegetables1Show Food
Spring onion355Vegetables, Onion-family1Show Food
Hop356Beverages, Alcoholic0Show Food
apple seeds357Fruit, Pomes1Show Food
Horehound358Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Crosne359Vegetables, Root vegetables1Show Food
Cherry pit360Fruit, Drupes2Show Food
Peach pit361Fruit, Drupes1Show Food
Plum kernel362Fruit, Drupes1Show Food
Green tomato363Vegetables, Fruit vegetables2Show Food
Tomato juice364Beverages, Non-alcoholic1Show Food
Red clover365Pulses and beans10Show Food
Celery leaves367Herbs and Spices5Show Food
Mexican origano368Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Prune Juice370Beverages, Non-alcoholic1Show Food
Apple sauce371Confectioneries and desserts1Show Food
Green robusta coffee372Coffee and coffee products2Show Food
Arabica coffee oil373Coffee and coffee products2Show Food
Rosemary tea374Teas and herbal teas3Show Food
Basil376Herbs and Spices6Show Food
White sage (Salvia apiana)378Herbs and Spices6Show Food
Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)379Vegetables, Leaf vegetables12Show Food
Hop marjoram380Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Thyme (Thymus capitatus )381Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Nigella (Nigella sativa)382Herbs and Spices2Show Food
Green arabica coffee383Coffee and coffee products12Show Food
Roasted arabica coffee384Coffee and coffee products5Show Food
Fruit Flavan-3-ols385Fruit, Other fruits0Show Food
Broccoli rabe386Vegetables, Gourds0Show Food
Black cumin387Herbs and Spices1Show Food
Sauerkraut388Vegetables, Cabbages1Show Food
Collard greens389Vegetables, Cabbages0Show Food
Red ginseng390Herbs and Spices0Show Food
test391Cereals and cereal products2Show Food
tomato sauce392Vegetables, Fruit vegetables2Show Food
Fermented orange juice393Beverages, Alcoholic0Show Food
Bergamot juice397Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
rhubarb400Vegetables, Other vegetables7Show Food
red onionoignon rouge401Vegetables, Onion-family8Show Food
Red beet Juice402Beverages, Non-alcoholic1Show Food
Fermented red beet juice403Beverages, Alcoholic0Show Food
Citrus fruits and Juices404Fruit, Citrus1Show Food
Areca nutBetel nut406Nuts3Show Food
Mocha coffee407Coffee and coffee products1Show Food
Soda408Beverages, Non-alcoholic1Show Food
Green/roasted coffee409Coffee and coffee products3Show Food
Guaco410Herbs and Spices0Show Food
Grumixama juice412Beverages, Non-alcoholic1Show Food
Extra Virgin Olive oil413Fats and oils1Show Food
Virgin Olive oil414Fats and oils0Show Food
Soy protein Burger415Soy and soy products0Show Food
Blackcurrant juice416Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Blueberry puree417Confectioneries and desserts0Show Food
Elderberry juice418Beverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Black respberry419Fruit, Berries0Show Food
pineapple juice420Beverages, Non-alcoholic5Show Food
Jabuticaba422Fruit, Berries1Show Food
Broccoli sprouts423Vegetables, Cabbages3Show Food
Radish sprouts424Vegetables, Cabbages2Show Food
Daikon radish425Vegetables, Cabbages2Show Food
Cagaita426Fruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
Maple syrup427Confectioneries and desserts1Show Food
Radicchio428Vegetables, Leaf vegetables1Show Food