AbsintheBeverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
AlfalfaHerbs and Spices7Show Food
AlgaeAquatic foods5Show Food
AlmondNuts17Show Food
American cranberryFruit, Berries27Show Food
AngelicaHerbs and Spices1Show Food
AppleFruit, Pomes59Show Food
ApricotFruit, Drupes29Show Food
AsparagusVegetables, Other vegetables6Show Food
AvocadoVegetables, Fruit vegetables5Show Food
Azuki beanPulses and beans1Show Food
BananaFruit, Tropical fruits18Show Food
BarleyCereals and cereal products4Show Food
BeerBeverages, Alcoholic16Show Food
BilberryFruit, Berries4Show Food
BlackcurrantFruit, Berries6Show Food
Brazil nutNuts6Show Food
Broad beanPulses and beans6Show Food
BroccoliVegetables, Cabbages40Show Food
Brussel sproutsVegetables, Cabbages13Show Food
CarawayHerbs and Spices1Show Food
CardamomHerbs and Spices1Show Food
CarrotVegetables, Root vegetables16Show Food
Cashew nutNuts7Show Food
CassavaVegetables, Tubers1Show Food
Cassia cinnamonHerbs and Spices1Show Food
CauliflowerVegetables, Cabbages13Show Food
CeleriacVegetables, Root vegetables7Show Food
Celery stalksVegetables, Other vegetables1Show Food
Chamomile teaTeas and herbal teas3Show Food
CheeseMilk and milk products20Show Food
Cherry tomatoVegetables, Fruit vegetables6Show Food
ChickpeaPulses and beans2Show Food
ChicoryVegetables, Root vegetables3Show Food
ChocolateCocoa and cocoa products10Show Food
CinnamonHerbs and Spices2Show Food
ClovesHerbs and Spices2Show Food
CoconutFruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
CoffeeCoffee and coffee products32Show Food
Common beanPulses and beans9Show Food
Common beetrootVegetables, Root vegetables6Show Food
Common cabbageVegetables, Cabbages13Show Food
Common hazelnutNuts7Show Food
Common mushroomMushrooms3Show Food
Common oreganoHerbs and Spices2Show Food
Common peaPulses and beans11Show Food
Common persimmonFruit, Tropical fruits2Show Food
Common sageHerbs and Spices9Show Food
Common thymeHerbs and Spices5Show Food
Common walnutNuts10Show Food
Common wheatCereals and cereal products10Show Food
CorianderHerbs and Spices3Show Food
CornCereals and cereal products12Show Food
Corn saladVegetables, Leaf vegetables2Show Food
CrustaceansAquatic foods1Show Food
CucumberVegetables, Gourds5Show Food
CuminHerbs and Spices4Show Food
Damaged potatoVegetables, Tubers3Show Food
DillHerbs and Spices10Show Food
Egg yolkAnimal foods1Show Food
EggplantVegetables, Fruit vegetables1Show Food
ElderberryFruit, Berries1Show Food
EndiveVegetables, Leaf vegetables5Show Food
European plumFruit, Drupes12Show Food
FennelHerbs and Spices4Show Food
FenugreekHerbs and Spices2Show Food
FigFruit, Other fruits2Show Food
FlaxseedOilseed crops10Show Food
Garden cressVegetables, Leaf vegetables2Show Food
OnionVegetables, Onion-family32Show Food
TomatoVegetables, Fruit vegetables29Show Food
GentianBeverages, Alcoholic2Show Food
GingerHerbs and Spices7Show Food
GinsengHerbs and Spices1Show Food
GrapeFruit, Berries65Show Food
Grape wineBeverages, Alcoholic45Show Food
GrapefruitFruit, Citrus13Show Food
Green beanVegetables, Other vegetables1Show Food
GroundcherryVegetables, Fruit vegetables1Show Food
GuavaFruit, Tropical fruits4Show Food
Jerusalem artichokeVegetables, Tubers1Show Food
JujubeFruit, Other fruits11Show Food
KaleVegetables, Cabbages14Show Food
KetchupCondiments and seasonings2Show Food
KiwiFruit, Tropical fruits6Show Food
LeekVegetables, Onion-family8Show Food
LemonFruit, Citrus9Show Food
LentilsPulses and beans7Show Food
LettuceVegetables, Leaf vegetables25Show Food
LicheeFruit, Tropical fruits4Show Food
LimeFruit, Citrus5Show Food
LiquoriceConfectioneries and desserts2Show Food
Macadamia nutNuts4Show Food
Mandarin orange (Clementine, Tangerine)Fruit, Citrus25Show Food
MangoFruit, Tropical fruits9Show Food
Mentha (Mint)Herbs and Spices0Show Food
MustardCondiments and seasonings3Show Food
NectarineFruit, Drupes2Show Food
NutmegHerbs and Spices6Show Food
OatCereals and cereal products7Show Food
Olive, greenFruit, Drupes30Show Food
Olive oilFats and oils24Show Food
Orange juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic21Show Food
PapayaFruit, Tropical fruits8Show Food
PaprikaHerbs and Spices6Show Food
ParsleyHerbs and Spices10Show Food
ParsnipVegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
Passion fruitFruit, Tropical fruits2Show Food
PeachFruit, Drupes12Show Food
PeanutNuts12Show Food
Peanut butterFats and oils2Show Food
PearFruit, Pomes9Show Food
Pecan nutNuts7Show Food
PepperHerbs and Spices12Show Food
Pepper C. annuumVegetables, Fruit vegetables17Show Food
PeppermintHerbs and Spices3Show Food
Pine nutNuts6Show Food
PineappleFruit, Tropical fruits8Show Food
Pink salmonAquatic foods1Show Food
PistachioNuts13Show Food
PoppyOilseed crops6Show Food
PotatoVegetables, Tubers10Show Food
Prickly pearFruit, Tropical fruits11Show Food
PummeloFruit, Citrus1Show Food
PumpkinVegetables, Gourds4Show Food
RapeseedOilseed crops7Show Food
Rapeseed oilFats and oils3Show Food
Red chiliHerbs and Spices5Show Food
RedcurrantFruit, Berries3Show Food
RiceCereals and cereal products3Show Food
Robusta coffeeCoffee and coffee products4Show Food
Rocket saladVegetables, Leaf vegetables3Show Food
Rooibos teaBeverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
RosemaryHerbs and Spices7Show Food
RyeCereals and cereal products3Show Food
SaffronHerbs and Spices2Show Food
SesameOilseed crops6Show Food
Sour orangeFruit, Citrus3Show Food
Soy beanSoy and soy products10Show Food
SpinachVegetables, Leaf vegetables16Show Food
Star fruitFruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
StrawberryFruit, Berries47Show Food
SunflowerOilseed crops9Show Food
SwedeVegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
Sweet basilHerbs and Spices7Show Food
Sweet bayHerbs and Spices5Show Food
Sweet cherryFruit, Drupes14Show Food
Sweet marjoramHerbs and Spices5Show Food
Sweet orangeFruit, Citrus23Show Food
Sweet potatoVegetables, Tubers2Show Food
TeaTeas and herbal teas8Show Food
Vaccinium (Blueberry, Cranberry, Huckleberry)Fruit, Berries5Show Food
VermouthBeverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
WatermelonVegetables, Gourds3Show Food
Wheat germCereals and cereal products2Show Food
BlackberryFruit, Berries23Show Food
PersimmonHerbs and Spices1Show Food
GarlicHerbs and Spices21Show Food
Wheat breadCereals and cereal products2Show Food
BlueberryFruit, Berries12Show Food
GrapesFruit, Berries6Show Food
CiderBeverages, Alcoholic5Show Food
AcerolaFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Adzuki beanPulses and beans0Show Food
AniseHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Apple ciderBeverages, Alcoholic11Show Food
Arabica coffeeCoffee and coffee products4Show Food
Asian pearFruit, Pomes0Show Food
BiscuitCereals and cereal products0Show Food
Black chokeberryFruit, Berries0Show Food
Black elderberryFruit, Berries0Show Food
Black mulberryFruit, Berries1Show Food
Black radishVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Black salsifyVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
BreadfruitFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Breakfast cerealsCereals and cereal products0Show Food
BulgurCereals and cereal products0Show Food
Butternut squashVegetables, Gourds0Show Food
CapersHerbs and Spices5Show Food
ChanterelleMushrooms0Show Food
ChayoteVegetables, Gourds0Show Food
ChervilHerbs and Spices0Show Food
ChestnutNuts0Show Food
Chewing gumConfectioneries and desserts0Show Food
ChiaPulses and beans0Show Food
Chicory leavesVegetables, Leaf vegetables0Show Food
Chicory rootsVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Chinese broccoliVegetables, Cabbages0Show Food
Chinese cabbageVegetables, Cabbages0Show Food
ChivesHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Climbing beanPulses and beans0Show Food
CloudberryFruit, Berries0Show Food
Cocoa beanCocoa and cocoa products5Show Food
Cocoa powderCocoa and cocoa products1Show Food
Common buckwheatCereals and cereal products0Show Food
Common chokecherryFruit, Drupes1Show Food
Common grapeFruit, Berries0Show Food
Common salsifyVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
Common verbenaHerbs and Spices0Show Food
CowpeaPulses and beans0Show Food
Curry powderHerbs and Spices1Show Food
DandelionHerbs and Spices0Show Food
DateFruit, Other fruits1Show Food
DurianFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
European chestnutNuts0Show Food
European cranberryFruit, Berries9Show Food
FlourCereals and cereal products0Show Food
French plantainFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Fruit juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
Garden rhubarbVegetables, Other vegetables4Show Food
German camomileHerbs and Spices1Show Food
Globe artichokeVegetables, Other vegetables0Show Food
GooseberryFruit, Berries0Show Food
Hard wheatCereals and cereal products1Show Food
HazelnutNuts0Show Food
Hibiscus teaTeas and herbal teas0Show Food
HoneyConfectioneries and desserts0Show Food
HorseradishHerbs and Spices2Show Food
Hot chocolateCocoa and cocoa products0Show Food
JackfruitFruit, Tropical fruits1Show Food
KohlrabiVegetables, Root vegetables3Show Food
KumquatFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Lemon balmHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Lemon grassHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Lemon thymeHerbs and Spices0Show Food
LindenHerbs and Spices0Show Food
LingonberryFruit, Berries3Show Food
LonganFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
LoquatFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
MedlarFruit, Pomes0Show Food
MilletCereals and cereal products0Show Food
MisoSoy and soy products0Show Food
Morchella (Morel)Mushrooms0Show Food
MulberryFruit, Berries2Show Food
Multigrain breadCereals and cereal products3Show Food
Mung beanPulses and beans3Show Food
MelonVegetables, Gourds2Show Food
NattoSoy and soy products0Show Food
NopalVegetables, Other vegetables0Show Food
Oat breadCereals and cereal products0Show Food
Other cocoa productCocoa and cocoa products0Show Food
PastaCereals and cereal products0Show Food
PomegranateFruit, Tropical fruits3Show Food
Purple mangosteenFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
QuinceFruit, Pomes0Show Food
QuinoaPulses and beans0Show Food
RadishVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
RambutanFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
Red raspberryFruit, Berries4Show Food
Red riceCereals and cereal products0Show Food
Roman camomileHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Rose hipHerbs and Spices0Show Food
RowanberryFruit, Berries0Show Food
Rye breadCereals and cereal products2Show Food
Savoy cabbageVegetables, Cabbages4Show Food
ShallotVegetables, Onion-family0Show Food
Soft drinkBeverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
SorghumCereals and cereal products0Show Food
SorrelHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Tart cherryFruit, Drupes1Show Food
Soy milkSoy and soy products2Show Food
Soy sauceSoy and soy products0Show Food
Soy yogurtSoy and soy products0Show Food
Star aniseHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Summer savoryHerbs and Spices0Show Food
Swiss chardVegetables, Leaf vegetables26Show Food
TamarindFruit, Tropical fruits0Show Food
TaroVegetables, Root vegetables0Show Food
TarragonHerbs and Spices2Show Food
TofuSoy and soy products0Show Food
TriticaleCereals and cereal products0Show Food
TurmericHerbs and Spices1Show Food
TurnipVegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
VanillaHerbs and Spices3Show Food
Vegetable juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic0Show Food
VinegarCondiments and seasonings1Show Food
WasabiHerbs and Spices0Show Food
WatercressHerbs and Spices1Show Food
WhiskyBeverages, Alcoholic0Show Food
Winter savoryHerbs and Spices0Show Food
YamVegetables, Tubers0Show Food
Red beetrootVegetables, Root vegetables1Show Food
Whole wheat breadCereals and cereal products2Show Food
Earl grey teaBeverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
Red wineBeverages, Alcoholic27Show Food
White wineBeverages, Alcoholic19Show Food
Rosé wineBeverages, Alcoholic9Show Food
PomaceFruit, Other fruits3Show Food
Black teaTeas and herbal teas38Show Food
Green teaTeas and herbal teas25Show Food
Red teaTeas and herbal teas3Show Food
Ceylon teaTeas and herbal teas3Show Food
Tilia teaTeas and herbal teas3Show Food
Camomile teaTeas and herbal teas3Show Food
Apple juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic25Show Food
Peach juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic3Show Food
Dessert wineBeverages, Alcoholic3Show Food
Red wine grapeFruit, Berries3Show Food
White wine grapeFruit, Berries4Show Food
DeerberryFruit, Berries3Show Food
Grape juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
Red champagneBeverages, Alcoholic3Show Food
White champagneBeverages, Alcoholic2Show Food
White mulberryFruit, Berries1Show Food
White grape juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic4Show Food
Red grape juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic4Show Food
Itadori teaTeas and herbal teas2Show Food
Cocoa liquorCocoa and cocoa products2Show Food
Lentil coatPulses and beans2Show Food
CranberryFruit, Berries4Show Food
Cranberry juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
SparkleberryFruit, Berries1Show Food
Partridge berryFruit, Berries1Show Food
Riesling wineBeverages, Alcoholic7Show Food
MicroalgaeAquatic foods0Show Food
MacroalgaeAquatic foods2Show Food
linseed oilFats and oils2Show Food
soybean oilFats and oils2Show Food
Radish, JapaneseVegetables, Root vegetables5Show Food
pak-choiVegetables, Cabbages6Show Food
Canola oilFats and oils0Show Food
linseedCereals and cereal products4Show Food
Apricot kernelFruit, Drupes2Show Food
White lupin beansPulses and beans6Show Food
UllucoVegetables, Root vegetables1Show Food
Rapeseed mealOilseed crops0Show Food
Bitter GourdVegetables, Gourds1Show Food
GuaranaBeverages, Non-alcoholic3Show Food
MateBeverages, Non-alcoholic2Show Food
red African wineBeverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
white African wineBeverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
rosé African wineBeverages, Alcoholic1Show Food
rhubarb rootVegetables, Root vegetables7Show Food
Tea leafTeas and herbal teas1Show Food
Olive, blackFruit, Drupes33Show Food
Grapefruit juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic6Show Food
CocoaCocoa and cocoa products8Show Food
Roasted coffeeCoffee and coffee products11Show Food
Pomegranate juiceBeverages, Non-alcoholic9Show Food
Apricot rawFruit, Drupes8Show Food
Cabbage, redVegetables, Cabbages5Show Food
Cabbage, WhiteVegetables, Cabbages6Show Food